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About the Issues category 1 July 23, 2016
When importing data from MS SQL Server, "Invalid descriptor index" error is raised 1 September 22, 2021
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Installed R is not detected by Exploratory on Windows 1 September 9, 2021
FB Prophet: Same Parameters but Different Results using Python vs Exploratory 2 September 9, 2021
Installation: Failed to download R and/or Git software due to the internet connection error 1 September 8, 2021
Excel: When cell format is text, imported numeric value has rounding error 1 August 30, 2021
ODBC Data Source: Importing multi-byte characters from Teradata Aster fails 1 August 27, 2021
ODBC Data Source: Schema and Tables are not shown for Kintone 1 August 27, 2021
Impossible to import data into Exploratory 3 August 25, 2021
Problem with `mutate()` column `model`. ℹ `model = purrr::map2(...)` 1 July 22, 2021
Can't open existing projects with Error 127 2 July 21, 2021
Dashboard panel title shows weird text like "{data-width=100}" 1 June 14, 2021
Time Series Forecasting with Prophet hangs on macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or older 1 June 12, 2021
If Exploratory Desktop M1 (Apple Silicon) edition crashes at installation of R packages 1 June 11, 2021
R 4.1 Support with Exploratory Desktop 1 June 4, 2021
Problem opening a project 2 March 30, 2021
Chart failed to render and showed "Error: Assertion failed." 1 March 13, 2021
When trying to open a project, it shows Error: error code 127 and the project cannot be opened 1 March 10, 2021
When try to open a project, Package 'dplyr' version 1.0.4 cannot be unloaded error message is shown 1 February 19, 2021
When try to import a CSV file, it shows C stack usage is too close to the limit 1 February 17, 2021
The chart custom function started showing incorrect numbers after upgrading the Exploratory Desktop to 6.4.2 1 February 9, 2021
Windows: When entering non-ascii characters in R Script Data Source, the value got garbled in the data frame 1 January 28, 2021
"Something went wrong with axis scaling" error shows up if I use a chart with Repeat By 1 May 13, 2020
The installer of the new Exploratory cannot be downloaded or executed on Windows 1 December 14, 2020
"Map - Standard" chart failed to render and showed "cannot open file '/Users/kei/.exploratory/R/4.0/exploratory/data/Rdata.rdb': No such file or directory" 1 December 14, 2020
Error about exploratory_6.3.1.8.zip at R package installation step of Exploratory's installation 1 December 7, 2020
When trying to use 'tabulizer' package, JAVA_HOME cannot be determined from the Registry error is raised 1 November 23, 2020