How to show the max value in a certain column as a text in Note

Suppose you have sales data. Each row represents an order. Now, you want to show the max sales amount per order as a text in the note like “The max sales amount per order is $xxxx”. Here is how.

First, check the data frame name and column name you want to show.

Then, open a note and write an R expression to get the max value. You can refer a column in the following syntax.

(data frame name)$(column name)

In this case, it will be


Once you are done with the R expression, surround the expression with “`r” and “`” like following.

`r max(Global_Sales$Sales)`

This portion will be evaluated and replaced with the output in the final document. You can hit the Refresh button to see the output.

What expression would you use if you wanted to output “John Doe had the max sales amount per order ($4912.59).”? I have a similar use case.

This related DM reply (from Kei) helped me so much!

Yes. You can use the following notation to access the value.

(dataframe name)$(value column name)[[(key column name)=="(key value)"]]

I basically added “max(dataframe name$value column name)” after the “==” and it worked for my situation.