X-axis not ordered when 'color by' applied

When the X-axis is a ‘text’ is a categorical one (in my case is the cohort with values like 201801, 201802 …) and the ‘color by’ is used, the X-axis is ordered in a wrong way :

Just to show you the two lines in a separate way, there’s the same graph by ‘repeat by’ each of them

Another way to reproduce the situation :
I’ve transformed the var on the x-axis from categorical to integer

but of course the 'X-axis names are not what I need. So if I change to be a text again, the situation is repeated :frowning:

Thanks Victor for reporting the issue.
I’m looking at it. I will keep you updated.

It happens when values of the ‘Color by’ are like “xxx” and “xxx 25” … hope you can reproduce it.

We have fixed a couple of chart axis related issues in 4.4, the latest release which is available from https://exploratory.io/download

I created a simple test case with R script data source to reproduce the issue. Here are the output of 4.3 and 4.4. As you can see, the X axis is ordered correctly on 4.4. So, please try 4.4. Hope your issue is also fixed.

4.3 output:

4.4 output:

Here is the test R script that I used in the R script data source.

xaxis= ( c( rep("201803",9), rep("201804", 11), rep("201805", 8), rep("201801", 7 ), rep("201802", 5)) ),   
color= c(rep("Biryani Rice 25kg", 20), rep("Biryani Rice", 20)), stringsAsFactors=FALSE) 

(* uncheck Auto Detect Data Type to keep the xaxis column as character)

Thanks Kei !!!

It works on 4.4 … well done :slight_smile: