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View Pivot Table R Steps Unavailable


Hi - do you know why I can’t see the “export steps as R script option” for a pivot table? I’m using Exploratory Desktop v6.1.2.3



Hi @Bruce_T

You can only use “export steps as R script” in “Summary view” and “table view”. Therefore, it does not work in “Analytics view” or “Chart view”.

If you want to export the “Pivot table” as “R script”, you need to reproduce it in “table view” and use “export steps as R script” as shown below.

# Steps to produce the output
exploratory::read_excel_file( "... /committed_data/Sample_Superstore.xls", sheet = "Orders", na = c('','NA'), skip=0, col_names=TRUE, trim_ws=TRUE, tzone='Asia/Tokyo') %>%
  readr::type_convert() %>%
  exploratory::clean_data_frame() %>%
  summarize_group(group_cols = c(`Category` = "Category", `Sub-Category` = "Sub-Category"),group_funs = c("none", "none"),Sales_sum = sum(Sales, na.rm = TRUE))
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