Using the Summary page

The Summery page contains a lot of short but useful information. However, it turned out that it is quite difficult to use. Can not select and copy text. It is very uncomfortable. Make, please, so that the value (text and numbers) can be selected and copied to the clipboard.

It would be great to have the opportunity and save from there a picture-mini diagram (or, at least, the entire widget as a picture).
Generally, these widgets would be nice to customize. For example, the form of the diagram or its own set of functions (like the function summarize_all (funs (min, … sd, n_distinct, var)))

Yours faithfully,

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We used to be able to copy the text, but I think it became impossible when we introduced the multiple columns selection for Summary view. We’ll look into it.

I would strongly agree that some customizability on this screen would be really useful. Even if you could select what columns you want to view, and maybe re-arrange them would be really helpful.

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First thing first. We have fixed the issue that you couldn’t copy and paste the text on Summary view. This fix will be in the next release, v3.4, which is due later this week.

As to the setting of which stats to show, we have added to our list for the future enhancements. Thanks for the feedback!