Urgent please read! - Exploratory Consuming significant amounts of drive space

After downloading Exploratory I noticed that my disk drive space started reducing over several days. Mainly small increments.

I noticed after opening exploratory, the drive space reduced again.

After parsing the exploratory logs, I then found that exploratory creates a new temp directory each and every time I re-open exploratory. Each directory is random and contains about 10-15+ mb os space.

After evaluating exploratory of the course of 1 week over 300 mb of disk space has been consumed.

I have 2 questions for the developers of exploratory.

  1. Why have you written software with no precautions of the end users disk space.
  2. Instead of creating a new temporary directory of the application why not write logic to cleanup unused spaces, as the other temp directories will no longer be used and are now holding space on my machine that could be used.
  3. I consider this to be an absolute important matter please consider releasing an update that will solve this problem.

Thank you.

Device Info
Windows 7
version : v

Hi Ryan,

This could be a bug, we’re looking at this issue now, will get back to you shortly.


Thank you,

Great product by the way. Otherwise very pleased with how it works.

We are looking into this. We see 2 types of directories created and left under AppData/Local/Temp under user’s home directory.

  1. Temporary directory from nw.js. We are seeing if incorporating this bug fix of nw.js fixes this issue. https://github.com/nwjs/nw.js/issues/5208
  2. R’s temporary directory. We are trying to clean it up at shutdown of Exploratory.
    We are planning to release a patch shortly, if those fixes go well.

We just made changes to deal with those temporary directories and released a patch release (v4.2.0.5).
This is a Windows only patch release.
It is downloadable from the download page.
Thank you for the heads-up, Ryan.

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