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Upgrade to Exploratory 6.8 on Windows raises the error "w[1].version_command.unshift is not a function"


Upgrade to Exploratory 6.8 on Windows can raise the error “w[1].version_command.unshift is not a function”.

This happens when you have previously specified a custom R location.

To work it around, please open userconf.json under the repository directory (the default location is C:/Users//.exploratory) with an editor, and remove the line that starts with “r_path”.

Example userconf.json before the change:

    "proxy": {},
    "r_path": "C:/Users/hideaki/Documents/R/R-4.1.0"

Example userconf.json after the change:

    "proxy": {}

As in the example above, if the “r_path” line happens to be the last line before the line of }, please remove the comma (,) at the end of the previous line (The line of "proxy": {},, in this case) too.

After this modification, please try restarting Exploratory to see if the upgrade finishes successfully.
If it does not, or you are not sure, please contact support (support@exploratory.io).