The Stock extension data is throwing an error

Looks that there was an underlying problem in the R package called ‘quant mod’ that is used for the Stock extension data.

The developer of the package has already fixed the issue and the fix is available at CRAN (R’s official repository).

Given that this ‘quantmod’ package is one of the system package, which gets installed/upgraded as Exploratory’s system package, you can’t upgrade to the latest from the UI. Instead, you can upgrade from the Script editor by following the steps below.

  1. Open the R Script Editor, and type the below.
install.packages('quantmod', repos = "")

  1. But, MAKE SURE that you uncheck ‘Load this…’ because you don’t want to install this package every time you open this project.

  1. Click the ‘Save’ button, which will run this command and install the package.

  2. Reopen the Project

Then it should start working.