Table Chart type

Please add Table Chart type. So you can add tables to the Note.

Will that be good enough if you can create multiple table views under Table tab and can insert the tables into Note?

In short - it will work for me, but I think small table visualization will make more sense in charts

Personally, i think Table rather as Dataset tab, and table as an interactive instrument to see the whole dataset, similarly to Summary tab

And Chart tab as Visualisations - as instrument to make and examine some slice or dimensions.

And Note is usually composition of ‘slices’, (for a whole data view you have data sharing feature)

To transform the whole dataset - dplyr and tidyr [steps] make sense.

To make small summary/slice from dataset - fast pivot table controls I think make sence and are well known for business users (while the same code will be generated behind the scenes)
And in charts tab you will be almost “forced” to make smaller non-scrollable table, which will look better in notes (that often intended to be printed/pdf)

If custom viz will be implemented - advanced table could be made with the help of any instrument and with any custom formatting (eg. subtotals)

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I see. So you want to have more like a Pivot Table that is similar to the one in Excel. Thanks for clarifying! I’m adding it to our list!

Hello, Kan, just saw you have aded pivot.
Certainly i have tried to create one, looks great!
But I just can not add it to the note (Win version).
In [Select a chart to insert] window Pivot table charts are not shown, other types of charts are displayed.

And few features requests:

Often used by any user

  • ability to add several measures
  • grand total row

Maybe - not so often used

  • subtotals for all rows; subtotals for all columns
  • % number formatting options
  • add several column fields

Maybe - if you decide you need advanced tables

  • advanced sorting by any field
  • different subtotals for individual fields
  • subtotals above/below data
  • compact/usual form of table
  • values as % of total, etc

Some general thoughts
In general, complex custom tables are often used by financial anaysts;
Actually one of a few reasons why they still use excel so widely - no other product gives ability to create [complex custom multicolumn multirow hierarchial composed tables] linked to raw data. Even in a hard way.

One can say that chart is much better than table, but the reality is - all financial reporting and analysis is based on tables.

The more control over the tables format you give - the more compeling the product will be for the this category of users.

  • to novice users - fast and easy - via (pivot) table interface
  • to advanced users - via custom viz (and ability to use other packages eg htmlTable or tables. Its not as easy, but it gives ability to present figures exactly as you want, in case presentation and data dencity is critical)
    If you decide to target this group, I think this feature could be a differentiator.
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Thanks Adrian for the great feedback, as always! Much appreciated!

We’re planning to add multiple measures support and % Total in the next release, so stay tuned! Also, Grand Total and better number formatting will come in a near term as well.

As to ‘compact/usual form of table’, is this asking about supporting Table in Note? Can you elaborate on this requirement please?

The custom Viz is a great idea, we’ll definitely look into this. Are you envisioning doing this custom vis through R/packages or in Java Script layer?