Table body and its column headings misaligning when new columns are added

When following the data-wrangling-with-mongodb-data blog:

on Exploratory Version:, using local instance of mongoDB containing Restaurant data

In table view, running commands that add column(s) can result in table body and table column headings misaligning.

This happened when using mutate() when running through this blog post:

mutate(longitude = list_extract(address.coord, position = 1))

I think this fixes itself when the page is re-rendered (e.g. by navigating away from page and returning.)

This reproduced on our end too. We are looking into it. Thank you for letting us know!

As part of version 2.3 release, we fixed this issue.

Hi Hideaki,
Thanks for fixing this (It’s no longer a problem on my Windows install of V2.3).
Many thanks.

Hi Henry,
Happy to hear that it worked for you!
Thank you for letting us know.