T Test (Raw data) presenting wrong results

Hi guys,

I love using Exploratory because it allows me to quickly do tasks that I can’t do in R, and I would much appreciate you checking this issue.

I seems like some of the Summary values in the ‘t Test (Raw data)’ analytics are being presented incorrectly. I have compared the T test results from SPSS and R (from two different datasets) with Exploratory, and found the t-value and 95% confidence interval (CI) results are reversed.

For example, the t-value is negative when it should be positive, the higher bound CI is displayed as “Conf Low”, and the lower bound is displayed as “Conf High”.

Please check this feature when you can.


Hi Emanuel,

Which version of Exploratory are you using? You might be hitting an old bug.

With the latest version, I’m seeing the correct values.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your quick response.

I have upgraded to version 9.4 and this issue still happens.

Please see the same T test in Exploratory and SPSS in these images. The mix-up in some of the values still occurs.