📺 Seminar #86 - Hypothesis Testing with Kruskal Wallis Test

We had a seminar ‘#86 - Hypothesis Testing with Kruskal Wallis Test’ a few weeks ago.

If you missed it, here’s the recording !

This is a part of the Hypothesis Testing series. This time, we will introduce Kruskal Wallis Test, which is one of the hypothesis testing method to test hypotheses about the relationship between numerical and categorical variables without an assumption of ‘normality’.

Unlike t-Test and ANOVA, both of which assume that the underlying data is normally distributed, Kruskal Wallis Test doesn’t have such an assumption hence it can be used for data with any distribution and with any number of groups for the categorical variable.

In this seminar, Kan will introduce the Kruskal Wallis Test and how to interpret the result by using Exploratory.


  • Introduction to Kruskal Wallis Test
  • How to Run the Test in Exploratory
  • How to Interpret the Result

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