📹 Seminar #77 - Prediction Models - Build, Test, & Predict

We had a seminar ‘#77 - Prediction Models - Build, Test, & Predict’ last week.

If you missed it, here’s the recording!

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Prediction Models - Build, Test, & Predict

Building prediction models is an important part of data analysis. You can quickly build them under Analytics view with a few clicks, and you’ll have a series of charts that help you intuitively understand what the models have discovered.

Not just building the models, you can also test the models’ prediction quality so that you can understand how useful the models are not just for the past, but also for the future.

Once you’re satisfied with the model quality, you can also use the model to predict for the new data set with unknown values so that you can answer questions like ‘Which lead customers will convert as paid customers?’, ‘Which existing customers will cancel down the road?’, etc.

In this seminar, Kan will show you how you can quickly build prediction models, test the prediction quality, and use the model to predict with new data.


  • Basics of Prediction Models
  • Metrics to Evaluate Prediction Quality
  • Test Mode to Test Your Models
  • Predict with New Data