📹 Seminar #76 - Building BI & Dashboard Collaboratively with Exploratory

We had a seminar ‘#76 - Building BI & Dashboard Collaboratively with Exploratory’ last week.

If you missed it, here’s the recording!

Exploratory is often considered as ‘Data Science’ tool, but many users of Exploratory use Exploratory for building Dashboards to monitor business metrics and performing ad-hoc analysis to answer business questions to take actions.

In this seminar, Kan talks why they choose Exploratory as their BI & Dashboard tool of choice and how Exploratory helps you deliver successful BI & Dashboard projects quickly, effectively, and collaboratively.


  • A Quick Introduction to Dashboard in Exploratory
  • Data Wrangling for Dashboard
  • Visualizing Variance & Uncertainty
  • Ad-hoc Analysis - Correlation & Causation
  • Report Automation
  • Collaboration

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