Proxy support? I’m behind the firewall


I’m usually behind the firewall at work. Can I still use Exploratory to access data outside firewall using proxy server?


Exploratory automatically detects proxy configuration in your OS (Mac or Windows) and tries to connect to the net through it. So, in many cases, it works without additional configuration on your side.

If you have trouble reaching out data outside the proxy, it is possible that your proxy requires password.
In that case, you will need to edit .exploratory/userconf.json file under your home directory, to set up that password for Exploratory.
For more detail on how to edit userconf.json, please take a look at “I’m having a network connection issue, what should I do?” section of this FAQ page.

Thanks Hideaki. In my case I need username and password. I looked at the FAQ and found this configuration. I will try this.

   "user": "dummy1",
   "proxy": {
     "server": "<your_proxy_server>",
     "port": <port_number>,
     "user": "<username>",
     "password": "<password>"

Thanks again,

I’ve got this issue too, but I’m not quite happy with saving my password in plain text.
Our proxy accepts Windows credentials (DOMAIN\user and password).

Hi Ann,

We’re introducing an UI to setup the proxy server, this way you won’t need to setup the password in plain text, it’ll be saved in an encrypted form.


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