Plan for Exploratory v3.2

We’ve started working on the next release of v3.2.

Here’s a list of the new features / enhancements.

  • Survival Analysis - Evaluate prediction performance and Simulate
  • Support Custome R Functions Model Build and Evaluation Framework
  • Chart: Support Confidence Intervals for Trend / Smooth LInes
  • Chart: Pie Chart
  • Chart: Custom Color Picker
  • Chart: Support different markers for Y-axes for Scatter
  • Pivot: Text Wrap
  • Branch - Rename support
  • Promote to Data Frame from Branch or Steps
  • Model: Support some of the models out of the box. (nls, lme4, xgboost, randomforest, arima forecast, anomaly detection, LDA, etc.)
  • Statistical Test: Add Chi-Squared Test

We can’t guarantee that all of them will make it for v3.2, which is due towards end of this month. But feel free to let us know if any of them are interesting for you or you have a different set of items you want to see.



Great improvements!! What about Dashboards integration, or LSA and/or NLP e.g. Entity Recognition (just saying)

Yes, Dashboard is on our roadmap! :wink:

We have TF-IDF / SVD for text mining already, have you had a chance to try it out?

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It’s an old post with the old interface of Exploratory, but here’s one I’ve written before.

SVD / TF-IDF / K-means can all be done from UI menu now though.

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Yeah, I followed (among others) the series of Text Analytics from part 1 to part 5. Good job and amazing tool!

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Let me know if you have any feedback for improvements, if any!