Pivot Table Subtotals

Hi - is it possible to generate subtotals in a pivot table? i.e. something like this example



Hi @Roman_B

I think that Pivot table is not currently possible to show sub totals like your excel in the chart view.

Thanks @sugiaki - this would be an amazing feature moving forward, do you think the team would consider this as an enhancement request? @Kan_Nishida, perhaps I should have tagged you as well… :slight_smile:

HI @Roman_B

I hope it’s supported in the UI.Currently, sub-total calculations are not supported by default, but it is possible to reproduce them.
However, it’s not a good solution as it’s ad hoc and not very scalable… sorry.

From one main step, create two branches, as shown below. Then, aggregate and merge the two branches into the main step.

  • Main Step : category/sub-category
  • Branch : sub-total
  • Branch : grand-total

I hope this is helpful.

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