One-Click Viz Add to Note - maintaining mental flow while exploring

While exploring a data set, I want to document my findings quickly, without breaking my mental flow… I want to “stay in the zone” and not distract myself from exploring. However, I would like to make my write up easier, and go back through my thought process. Here I assume the write up is a Note.

Right now, if I find a nice Viz during EDA, to add it to my Note, I must click over to my Note (easiest to keep open in a separate window), click “Insert Chart”, navigate to the chart, click OK, then write a short comment if not obvious. This really breaks my flow.

My suggestion is there’s a one click “Add to Note” on any Viz. This would:

  • Prompt for a short line of text, describing the insight, similar to “git commit”
  • Insert the Viz/Chart at the end of the Note (will need to prompt “which note/create note” if the first time the feature is used), including the text entered (if any)
  • Keep the UI on the Viz, rather than swap over to the Note.

Hi Dan,

We’ll consider of adding ‘Add to Note’, but for now I’d suggest you open the editor in a separate window.

By the way, we’ve found a bug caused by a wrong handling of the internal caching mechanism. We’re fixiing it now, should be releasing a patch on this coming Monday. (as of writing on 8/12/2018.)