Notes Export to PDF/HTML

It would be nice to have any local export option for notes.

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One question. Would you like to do the note editing in Markdown or prefer the current Rich Text editor?

Personally, I would prefer Markdown.

Also, people who knows what is R , dplyr usually are advanced users (at least now, maybe Exploratory will help to change this :slight_smile: ) familiar with markdown and sometimes prefer keyboard to mouse.

And markdown is closer to idea behind Exploratory (and idea I like very much)

  • GUI generates only human readable and editable code, and only code generates result.

But current very simple WYSIWYG editing option is really attractive, especially to point-and-click user.

I see. That makes sense. Thanks, Adrian!

I second the option to allow Markdown editing in the notes. I was actually surprised it didn’t have that already. :slight_smile:

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