Non-Ascii CSV file import fails on Windows whose system locale is English


On Windows whose system locale is English, when you try to import a non-ascii CSV file, it shows xxx not found where xxx is non-ascii column name.

And restart Exploratory Desktop.

How to fix

Option#1: Set locale info on configuration file

Open following file with text editor


And add following line. (This example is for Japanese Shift JIS encoding)

"locale" : "English_United States.932",

So if you want to work with other File Encoding, please change 932 to your desired encoding.

Option#2: Change Windows OS System Locale

Make sure to use correct Windows OS System Locale (for example, if you mainly work with Japanese Data, you might want to change OS locale to Japanese instead of English)

Follow the steps below to set up non-unicode language in windows 10

  1. In search tab type “Region” and press enter.

  2. In new window select “Administrative”

  3. then click on “change system locale”

  4. Select the language.