NA cohort on Survival analysis using Repeat by

When using Repeat By on the survival analysis by cohorts, some of the cohorts are transformed into ‘NA’ without any reason.

The data included on the survival analysis contains right dates, let me show you what happen if the cohort is a weekly one instead than monthly … no NA appear

Seems like when the std_error is ‘Inf’ … the cohort is not assigned

In addition … If I filter the different values of the ‘repeat by’ variable and I launch the survival analysis for each of them, the ‘Inf’ on the std_error doesn’t appear … So … why it’s appearing when the survival analysis includes all the ‘repeat by’ values ?

For instance, filtering by one of the values of the repeat by :

Same for the other

Hi Victor,

Thank you for the error report.
We are working on fixing this in a patch release.
I will update when it is released.

Thank you,