Microsoft SQL Server support

Do you have plan to introduce SQL Server support in near future ?


Yes, ODBC support is coming very soon. By the way, are you on Windows or Mac?

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Windows, ODBC support is helpful for most of other repositories.

Hi Kan, when you wite :

ODBC support is coming very soon

what time frame do have in mind?



It should be next week, as long as all the tests run smoothly! :wink:

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Great ! * 3
I hope to test it imedeately.
I’ll advertise it to Japanese audience.

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We can share a test build once it’s ready, if you’d like to give it a shot before the official release.

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Hi guys, sorry for the delay on v3.0 release, but we’re very close. Please send me an email at if you’d like to try our test build before the release. There are a few cool stuff among many others.

  • Multi-column header support for the column header menu.
  • Model building and evaluation improvement - LM, GLM, Logistic, K-means
  • Error Bars
  • ODBC
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