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"Map - Standard" chart failed to render and showed "cannot open file '/Users/kei/.exploratory/R/4.0/exploratory/data/Rdata.rdb': No such file or directory"


If you hit the error something like “cannot open file ‘/Users/kei/.exploratory/R/4.0/exploratory/data/Rdata.rdb’: No such file or directory” while you are using “Map - Standard” chart, most likely the “exploratory” package installation didn’t finish successfully when you installed Exploratory. Please follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Note that here I use the path “/Users/kei/.exploratory/R/4.0/exploratory/data/Rdata.rdb” for example. Please replace it with the path that you got in your error message.

  • Remove the exploratory folder under 4.0 folder (/Users/kei/.exploratory/R/4.0/exploratory) from your repository.
  • Restart Exploratory. Then it will show the package installation screen. Follow the instruction. It will install a new “exploratory” folder in your repository.
  • Once it’s done, go to the Map and check it works.

If it still doesn’t help, please contract support@exploratory.io.