Is there a "kill button"?

Hello! Just taking my first pass through Exploratory after hearing about it this afternoon from Allan Miller, and I’m so amazed.

Quick question, is there a “kill” button? The heat map example in the tutorial hung up my machine (I may not have done it correctly) and I eventually Force Quit, which was fine for going through the tutorial. Just wondering.

Thank you!

Hi Yumiko,

‘Kill’ button for Chart is on our list, but not implemented yet. So, yes, you will need to ‘force quit’ when it hangs for now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Can you let me know which data are you using for the heatmap example and also do you remember which columns did you assign for X, Y, and Color? We’ll look into it to see why it hangs in the first place.


Cancel button has been introduced now, you now can click on it to reset!