How to save in .rds with compression?

It appears that when Exploratory saves a data frame in .rds, the compression=TRUE option is not used.

In my case, when I save in .rds from RStudio, the data frame is about 17MB large. But if the same is saved from Exploratory, its size is 114MB.

Is there a way to save with compression in the Exploratory environment?

Also, is there a way to directly execute an R command inside Exploratory (because apparently only steps that turn a data frame into another form of the data frame are acceptable to Exploratory)?

Hi tlyim,

We can add the compression option support. Is this something you change often or you’d rather set this at the user level setting rather than at every export time?

We support the command execution that would return a data frame. That says, not that we recommend, you can technically wrap around what you want to do with a function that would return a data frame. :wink:

Thanks for the reply.

Regarding the compression, perhaps an option setting at every export time (with the last choice as the default) is most convenient.

As for the individual command execution, do you mean I can create a user-defined function that returns a data frame to meet the technical requirement and inside the function I do whatever R commands let me do?

If so, how to create a user-defined function in the Exploratory environment?

Yes, and you can find more information on our doc.

If you encounter any issue or question please feel free to let us know!

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