How to handle EPERM error

If you see an error reporting dialog with an EPERM error which looks like the following example, here is how you might be able to resolve it.

EPERM: operation not permitted, open 'C:\Users\hideaki\.exploratory\userconf.json’

This EPERM error means that Exploratory could not read or write to a file because of a lack of Windows-level permission.
With this example message, it is saying that the permission to read the file 'C:\Users\hideaki.exploratory\userconf.json’ is lacking.
If you can check the Windows-level permission on this file and add the necessary permission, that might just eliminate this error.

If you don’t have the privilege to add the permission, or are not very sure how to do it, you can just send the error report to us by clicking the Send button so that we can look into it.