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How to change your plan to the Community plan


If you are eligible for the Community plan (teacher or student) and want to change your plan to the Community plan, here is how.

First, log in to exploratory.io, click the user icon and select the “Account Setting” menu from the dropdown menus.

It will open up the Account Setting page. Scroll down and click the “Upgrade Plan” link.

On the Plan page, choose the “Community”, read the “Term for the Service” and check the checkbox and click the “Update Plan” button.

If you are not using an email address from school, you don’t see the “Community” plan in the list. In that case, please update your email address to your school email address first. You can do it from the “Account Setting” page.

If you still don’t see the “Community” plan even after updating your email address to the school one, probably your school email address is not registered to the system. Please fill and submit the school registration form.

It will send you a confirmation email like the following. Please check your email and follow the instruction to finish the plan change. If you can’t find the email, it might be auto-forwarded to “Spam” or “Promotions” folder. You can also search email sent from "support@exploratory.io" to find it. If you still cannot find it, please contact support@exploratory.io.

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