How to change variable value to character

Dear all,

I’m thinking to use Exploratory to analyse and visualise a survey data. May I please ask how to assign text character to numeric value for my variables? For example one variable we have either value of 0 or 1, I wanted to show ‘no’ and ‘yes’ instead in the analysis output.
Similarly for scale value (1 2 3 4 5) how do I change it to strongly disagree, disagree, neither nor, agree, strongly agree?

Many thanks for your help.

Hi Lee,

For 0 (No), 1 (Yes) case, you can try Convert to Logical column menu.

This will create Logical Column (TRUE for yes and FALSE for no your case) like this.

For Scale Value, you can try Replace Values menu like below.

Then type in values like below.

And you can replace values like this.

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Thank you Hide, this is very useful!