How to change color in visualizations

I’ve been working with some political data and I would love to be able to associate colors with party registration if possible. I can switch to RStudio and do it there on ggplot2 but Exploratory is just so much easier to publish in. Any help?

If we support multiple color palettes you can choose from other than the default one, would that help? If so, we can do it quickly. Eventually, we’ll support much more granular custom color setting but I’m afraid that that will take more time and might be too late for your immediate need. Let me know.

Yeah that would be awesome! If there is a way for me to make sure republican = red, democrat = blue, NA=white, third party =green etc that would be superb.

Ok, cool. Let me see what we can do. Will get back to you shortly.

thanks so much. You’re the best!

Our latest release supports customizing color palette. Here is how.