How do I look at the R script for all the visualizations I create?

I have created a few visualizations that I like, and would like to see the full R script. But for 3 of them, there aren’t the options to view anything but that chart. What can I do to get a hold of that?

Did you check ‘Share with data’ checkbox?

turns out I didn’t. Thanks!

That option should be checked as default. If you explicitly unchecked then that’s fine. But if you didn’t but somehow it was unchecked then let me know. We will look into it.

I think there was originally an issue where it wouldnt share and so I unchecked it, but now it works perfectly fine.

You might have hit the data size limitation. Currently it allows up to 30MB of the data after being compressed. Anyway, let us know if you hit the issue like that again!

okay that’s perfect. Good to know.