How can I get all possible combinations of column values?

I’m trying to get all possible combinations of values from a column of my data frame.
I’d like to transform this data frame so that one row has a combination (a pair) of values from this particular column.
For example, if a column from the original data has value a, b, and c, I’d like to have something like the following in the result table.

col1 | col2
a | a
a | b
a | c
b | a
b | b
b | c
c | a
c | b
c | c

Would it be possible to do that in Exploratory?

Hi Yasuyuki.

There’s a command called expand in tidyr package. This command can give you all the data combinations of given column. You can use this to achieve it. Here’s what I did.

0). Create a base test data frame by hand. Click “Import by Writing R Script”.

At the script editor, type data.frame(col1=c("a", "b", "c")) and hit “Get Data” button. Once you see the data frame that you want, click “Save” to import this data frame into the project.

1). Create a copy of col1 with a name col2. You can do that by mutate(c2=c1).
2). Issue expand command to get all the combinations. You can do this by expand(col1, col2).

I shared this data with all the steps at You can view it, or you can even download and import this data frame with all steps into your project.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Kei!
Exactly what I needed. :slight_smile:
Thank you for the example! That helped!