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Exploratory v4.4.0.5 Patch Released!


We have just released a patch, v4.4.0.5 now (as of 8/13/2018)!

I’d strongly recommend you download it now, especially if you are Dashboard / Note users!


Here is a list of the bug fixes and one enhancement.


  • Cancel button, which is shown during the data processing, is now formatted as a button instead of a link text to improve the visibility.
  • Couldn’t change the data frame names when changing between upper/lower cases.
  • ‘API - CSV Data’ menu is added so that you can import the published data at exploratory.io from other tools.

Data Wrangling

  • Step Menu: Moved “Create New Data Frame” to the action menu for each data wrangling step.
  • “Last N years” filter now returns data of the last year.
  • Column Header Menu: Convert to Number -> Minutes was producing a wrong attribute values.
  • In Mutate Multiple Columns (Mutate At) dialog, the columns could not be deleted when they no longer available after re-importing the data.

Chart / Pivot / Map

  • Added Percentage and Currency Formatting support for Charts/Pivot/Map. You can find this in the property dialog now.
  • ‘Show Details’ was not working when the numeric column is assigned to X-Axis.
  • Chart: Non existent month names were showing up when ‘Month Name’ was used for X-Axis and a column is assigned to Color By.
  • Month Name labels on X-Axis were not matching with what each bar represents.
  • Table Properties were not matching with the Table specific functionalities.
  • Chart was refreshed every time hitting the enter key event to finalize Japanese words in the property.
  • Grand totals for Row and Column are now showing up by default. You can turn them off in the property.
  • First chart should not be deleted or need to add new one right after deleting first one.


  • Now you can export the charts as PNG.
  • Survival Table is now showing % symbol in the pivot table.

Reporting - Dashboard/Notes/Slides

  • The order of Charts were messed up after swapping the charts.
  • Some charts were not showing up in the output, and instead they were showing the loading message forever.
  • Charts did’t show up right after importing Dashboard/Note/Slides EDF.
  • Disabled Enter key in Publish Dialog so that it won’t mistakenly publish it.
  • Note: R button in the toolbar is now populating ‘echo’ and ‘cache’ attributes by default.

Data Source

  • Data Source: Import JSON local file only imported first 200 rows