Exploratory v2.2 Released!

Hi all,

We have just released v2.2! :tada:

The biggest update for this release is Small Multiple or also known as Trellis / Faceting. It is basically a series of multiple charts each of which is showing a slice of the entire data with the shared axes and scales. This will give you an easier way to spot patterns or trends by comparing them together side by side. You can find more details in v2.2 introduction blog post.

We have also managed to add a few other enhancements including,

  • Chart Expanded View - More space! This was originally to support Small Multiple for the obvious reason, but Iā€™m finding it useful even for a single chart when there are so many data points.

  • Copying Data Frame - You can finally copy existing data frames by click of a button. This would be useful when you want to use the same data wrangling steps for different data sets.

  • Neo4j Database support - Neo4j is the most popular graph database with native graph storage and processing. You can now write Cypher query to query and extract data from the database quickly with the new Neo4j data import dialog support.

Please let us know if you have any feedback!