Exploratory v2.0 Released!

We have just released Exploratory Desktop v2.0 last Friday! :tada:

The main change with v2.0 is, we have re-designed the data wrangling / analysis interface by adding more UI assistants - UI for dplyr - so that you can quickly start taking advantage of what R offers without knowing R. It took us longer than we wanted to deliver this, but we think we have something that is going to make your data wrangling and analysis much more effective than before. By the way, your existing R commands will work as before! and you can continue to use the command line mode if you like.

Introduction Blog Post - Link
Introduction Video - Link

We have also made a few other enhancements for v2.0.

  • Private Chart / Data Sharing - Now you can share your chart and data in a private mode, which means only those whom you invite will have an access to your chart and data.
  • Multiple columns for Y-Axis support - You can assign multiple columns to Y-Axis in Bar/Line/Area charts and compare them together.

If you have any feedback or question, we would always love to hear. Please share at this community page or simply send an email to support@exploratory.io !