Exploratory v 2.5 is released! - Map, Presto, MongoDB Updates, etc

We have just released Exploratory Desktop v2.5! :tada: There are actually many, but three major new enhancements.

1. Map with GeoJSON

Now you can bring your own GeoJSON files and visualize your data along with the geographical information inside Exploratory. Here’s a blog post for more details.

Updates for MongoDB Support

Finally, aggregate function support is here! Along with this addition, we now support the regular MongoDB Shell format, which means you no longer need to surround every single text with quotes!

Redesigned UI for Analytics and Text Mining Functions

We have updated the UIs for some of the analytics functions such as Correlation, Distance, Cosine Similarity, K-means Clustering, and for those text mining functions to make them more accessible and easier to use for everyone.

There are many other enhancements such as Remote File data support, Presto data source support, Standard SQL support for BigQuery, Manual command execution mode (instead of automatically running), and more!

Here is an announcement blog post for more details.