Error code 3 when running Analytics


Running Explaratory v4.4.0.5 on Windows 10 x64. Tables and Charts work fine. However when I’m trying to use Analytics, e.g. Linear Regression I get:

“Failed to run analytics : Linear Regression Analysis: error code 3”.

I get the same error whatever Anaytics task I try.

There were no issues during installation. R was automatically installed during installation procedure.

How to troubleshoot and fix this issue? The latest I see from logs (but couldn’t interpreter this):

"{“level”:50,“time”:1536846296213,“msg”:“R error: Error: error code 3\n at Socket.e.handler (chrome-extension://hkjiiokkigicipgnnhbolhlkjfpeihkh/bundle.js:238:256208)\n at Socket. (chrome-extension://hkjiiokkigicipgnnhbolhlkjfpeihkh/bundle.js:238:257072)”,“pid”:12908,“hostname”:“LAPTOP-V7HOMD52”,“v”:1}
{“level”:50,“time”:1536846296247,“msg”:“error code 3”,“pid”:12908,“hostname”:“LAPTOP-V7HOMD52”,“type”:“Error”,“stack”:“Error: error code 3\n at Socket.e.handler (chrome-extension://hkjiiokkigicipgnnhbolhlkjfpeihkh/bundle.js:238:256208)\n at Socket. (chrome-extension://hkjiiokkigicipgnnhbolhlkjfpeihkh/bundle.js:238:257072)”,“isR”:true,“v”:1}

Thank you very much!