Error code 127 when adding R package to project

I’m on Windows client. Installed package “anytime”, says it installed correctly. When I try to add it to my project I check the checkbox, getting error code 127.

Hi Chris,
Thank you for reporting this issue.
I just tried installing “anytime” and adding it to a project, but I’m not seeing the error on my Windows.
Could you make the error happen, and send your log file to so that we can look into it further?
From “Tools” menu, if you follow “Diagnostics”, “Show Log Files” submenu, folder for log files will open.
The file with the largest number (like exploratory_5.log) is the latest log file, which we’d like to see.

I reinstalled and am using a different computer now, and it is working. Thank you.

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Happy to hear that it’s working!