Customizing dashboards in Exploratory

I’m really enjoying the new dashboard feature and looking forward to the upcoming improvements. Some may be already coming and would be great to know and others may be a wish list. Here is what I’m looking to be able to do when creating dashboards:

  1. Add logos or images
  2. Add footnotes to each viz/pane
  3. Resize the viz panes
  4. Create drop-downs to filter the data being displayed on the dashboard
  5. Create multiple pages within a dashboard (I saw some dashboards in the “Public Insights” section where you have tabs on the top. How did you do that? Could I use that as pages to avoid cluttering on a page?). This will be handy for example when creating a breakdown of the data by regions with a set of viz in each.
  6. Could I re-format values? For instance, can I show values in a table as currency or phone numbers? I know with single values you have some ability to format numbers but not sure if I have the same flexibility for values in tables.


Thanks Gustavo for the enhancement suggestions!

We have just released v4.3, which includes various enhancements around Dashboard, so you should give it a shot!

1, 2 - We’ll consider for adding to the future enhancement list.
3 - For now, this is automatically adjusted based on how many charts are in each row.
4, 5 - This is on our list, probably in 4.4 or 4.5.
6 - Is this for formatting the number values in Table and Pivot?