CSV Importing Issues

  1. When importing from the filesystem, you are unable to import a zip file, although it works with remote (URL based) sources.
  2. When importing a CSV that has a numeric field with commas for digit grouping, Exploratory presumes it character data, and even setting the digit grouping manually to a comma doesn’t fix it.

Hi Kristofer,

Thank you for reporting the issue.
Regarding 2), could you try the “Decimal Mark” as Comma(,)

If it does not work is it possible to share me sample CSV that causes the issue?

Thank you

Hi Kristofer,

It seems the data contains trailing “+” mark at the end for some rows.

So you can import the CSV then convert the data type to numeric.

Also as for the zipped csv import, we don’t officially support it yet. I’ll put that on our enhancement request list.
Thank you for your suggestion.