Creating new project on mac gives my a revolving icon forever

How do I resolve the revolving icon when trying to create a project on my mac?

Are you saying you can’t open projects nor create a new one?

I just took a very long time initially, b ut now it seems to have been solved. But still.

It takes too long for the program to load.

Ok, I want to understand the problems clearly. Please help me on this.

  1. Are you saying ‘too long’ for opening the project for the first time?

  2. Or, it’s always ‘too long’ for opening the project?

  3. Or, are you saying it’s ‘too long’ for launching the app itself?

The app opens nicely.

Creating a project take a long time.

When i close the app and reopen the project has been created.

When i try to open the project it does not always open.