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Create duplicate rows based on value in a column


wondering if there is a way to created duplicate rows based upon a value in a cell? For example, in my attached image, I would like to use the value in “No. of Ticks” to create duplicate rows. So row 1018 would be duplicated 9 times.


Hi @Jennifer_Marvin

How about the following method to duplicate records according to the column values?

Step01 : Sample data confirmation

I have the following data, and I duplicate the rows according to the value of dup_int.The value of dup_int in A is 1, so it will stay the same, but the value of dup_int in B is 5, so five rows of the same record will be generated.

Step02 : Make function to duplicate

Select Custom R command and write R script as shown below. Replace dup_int with No. of Ticks.

# Write R scrpit
mutate(dup_rows = purrr::map(.x = dup_int, .f = function(x){(rep(1, x))}))

Step03 : Unnest list

According to the value of dup_int, the list class dup_rows is generated with 1, so expand it to rows.

Step04 : Checking the data

It is likely that duplicate records are generated according to the value of dup_int.

I hope this helps.


Thank you sugiaki,

I have tried this but I get the following error message at step 2:

This is my code (note that I renamed the ticks field for simplicity)


Hi @Jennifer_Marvin

Probably, NA is included in Num_ticks which specifies duplicate values. In that case, you can complement NA with 1 to make it work.


Thank you again sugiaki! It works now for me.

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