Copying viz between projects


Is there a way to copy vizs between projects? Similar to copying and pasting steps.


You can do this by exporting it as EDF, which includes both data reproducing steps and the chart.

Thanks Kan! It works great for quickly reproducing the charts and steps.

Now, when I exported it as a EDF, it saves the data frame in a .rds file which is essentially a copy of the original data file with all of the modifications, correct? If so, is there a way that I can change the file path to point to the original flat file or am I going to have to work off of that archive_project folder for anything that I do within this data frame.

There will be instances where I will be using the same data file in multiple analyses/projects and I don’t necessarily want to create multiple copies of the same data only to import the steps and vizs into a new project.


Hi Gustavo,

The rds is a cached file (compressed) of the source step (1st step). The reason we have this is, when you or your co-workers import the EDF file, but not necessary have the original source file or access to it, then when you try to refresh the data frame it would have failed without the cached file. But this cache file is really a copy of the original data and it’s not the data after the data wrangling steps applied.

Also, after importing the EDF file, then you can re-point to a different file (e.g. CSV) then re-import. At this point, the cached file will be removed.


This is huge Kan. Right?

So it means one can save an analysis. Then as long as the file format is the same, create a new name (to differentiate it from the old name) and then re-apply the same analysis to new data. I have not done this yet, but if it works, it will be a real enhancement to analytical efficiency.

Well I tried both exporting and importing a dataframe with a lot of Vizs in it, and I was not able to bring over the Vizs. Only the table came over while all the Vizs were gone. I tried duplicating the dataframe and that did not work either.

If I can get an answer on how to copy a dataframe with everything coming over, then the next question I have is how to point it to a new file. I am looking around for how to do that, but I don’t see how. There is the “Reimport” green button on the top, but I will need to import a different data source, not the same source.


Sorry for getting back to you late, for some reason I haven’t been aware of this update.

Anyway, back to your question.

When you duplicate the data frame, did you check ‘Include Viz’?

To export EDF with Viz, you want to select ‘Export Chart as EDF’, though this would export only one chart that is currently selected.


In order to point to a new data file, you can simply click on the green box or ‘Edit’ button at the Source step. This will open the data import dialog where you can point to the new data file.