Connecting to ANY DB?

Is it possible to connect to any other DB like Exasol, SAP HANA or Oracle via jdbc or an other connector?
I worked with exploratory on csv files and I am a proficient R user. For Data Profiling, Exploratory seems great. However, we would need more and flexible DB connectors.

HI Daniel,

Yes, ODBC connection support is coming, most likely in the next release. This will be used to connect to those data sources you listed.

Meanwhile, with the current release, you can test out with ‘Import by Writing R Script’ option to create a data frame by writing R script. You can install RODBC (if not yet) and use it. If you can test it out especially with Exasol and SAP HANA, and let us know if they work, that would be super helpful.


Hi Kan,

thanks for your answer.
I tried to connect to our Exasol via r-exasol from Github (
It is a jdbc connection and worked like a charme :=)
I’ll try SAP HANA if I get the chance.